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Mohammad Shafiqul Islam
Head Content Developer & Amazon Affiliate Expert

Most of our educated person capable to build their career as Content Developer. In our country, university students can easily being a web content writer because they have already good hand on English.
However, what the thing make a far distance? They are capable but don’t know how to start or how to learn. That’s the point where we like to work with.

WebCode Institute organized a 1 Month Content Development Course to guide those who what to learn content development. We delicate our Head Content Developer Tufael Khan to manage the whole course.

This Content Development Course will start at 00 ___ 2014.

Class Schedule:

Date: 00 — 2016

Time : 00.00 – 00.00

Free Content Development Guide – Course Outline:

01. Definition of Content, Basic Types of Content, Elements of Content
02. Keyword Knowledge, Method of Using Keyword, Keyword Placement
03. What to Think About Content Title
04. How to Build Content Conception & Collecting Necessary Information
05. What Things to Think About Before You Write Content?
06. Development of New/Original Content
07. Determination of Appropriateness of Content for Audience, Platform, and Purpose
08. Conception of Product Review & Service Page Content
09. Usage of Tools During Content Writing , How to Rewrite a Content
10. What is Plagiarism Checker, Check & Avoid Plagiarism
11. How to Check Your Grammar, Optimization of Web Content


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