Amazone Affiliate, Adsense & Content Development

Amazone Affiliate, Adsense & Content Development

Amazone Affiliate, Adsense & Content Development

Importance of Web Content never can pass up. Actually, there is no way to walk on web without content. Not only content, you need good content. In order to get desired quality content, website owner must need to hire professional content writers.

If you take a look on the difference between demand of content writers and the availability of them, will discover something exigency here. Especially in Bangladesh, there is a huge scarcity of quality content developer.

Why you need us?

WebCode Institute invests their experts aiming for developing the web skills. Content Development has also included recently. First, our expert Content Developers sketched the skills needed for content development in Bangladesh. Then they made the outline of content development course to ensure the professional quality that can match with international standard.

The Content Development Training Course will start from the very basic lessons like researching information, How to select necessary resources and finished with the lesson of editing or finalizing a content. Whole course covered the total process of content development including keyword knowledge, SEO optimized content for different category contents.
Check the course outline to know what’s waiting in this Content Development Course.

Course Name: Amazone Affiliate, Adsense & Content Development
Course Duration: 12 month (Private Course- Live Project Intern Type)
Class Start: Please contact for information 01678170593
Class will be held in: You can start anytime
Time: **
Total Class: 48 & Internship 6 Month
Class duration: 2 Hours
Fees: 1,00,000/=

01. Definition of Content
02. Basic Types of Content
03. Basic Elements of Content
04. How to Define your objectives
05. Measuring your web content
06. Keyword Knowledge
07. Method of Using Keyword
08. Keyword Placement
09. How to Play With Keyword
10. What to Think About Content Title
11. How to Build Content Conception
12. Collecting Necessary Information
13. What Things to Think About Before You Write Content?
14. Development of New/Original Content
15. Determination of Appropriateness of Content for Audience, Platform, and Purpose
16. Conception of Product Review & Service Page Content
17. Usage of Tools During Content Writing
18. How to Rewrite a Content
19. What is Plagiarism Checker
20. How to Check & Avoid Plagiarism?
21. How to Check Your Grammar
22. How to write in plain English
23. Optimization of Web Content

Content writing for the web has evolved into a professional expertise essential to getting the most out of your presence in online. Content is also an important part of SEO, because the search engines evaluate good content and rank them. We formed the instructor body with two experts, content expert and SEO specialist.

Our Professional Web Content Development Course explores the principles for creating appropriate content for any website. This course will introduce you to content related SEO factors. You will learn the proper using of keywords, creating attractive title, searching necessary resource, sketching a content outline, forms of content, concept of contents. Finally, this course will teach you how to decorate it for readers to turn it as a professional quality content.
Keep in mind that, original and high quality contents are much better in the long run. We are here to ensure the quality of your writing.

Our Resource Persons

  • Muhammad Shafiqul Islam

    Content Writer, AdSense Publisher & Amazon Affiliate Associate

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